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27.01.14 09:28 Age: 7 yrs

Course announcement: "Live Imaging in 3D" (February 17-21, 2014)


Registration is now open for the Nikon Imaging Center Annual Course "Live Imaging in 3D" which will take place February 17-21, 2014, at the BioQuant Center. This course is aimed at PhD and master students, who already have some experience with fluorescence light microscopy. The course covers different approaches of high resolution 3-D imaging with a special emphasis on live cell imaging. In 5 morning sessions, lectures will cover different areas and application of light microscopy. You will find an overview of the topics in the attached flyer. In the afternoons, practical sessions for a limited number of students (12) will take place. We also recommend the theory part of the course to students, who have a lot of practical experience (e.g. as users of our facility) but want to get a theoretical background and learn about other techniques.

Registration is mandatory. All details on how to register can be found on our website.

Registration closes January 31, 2014

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