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Save the Date for the CellNetworks Core Facility Open Day January 29th, 2015!


Begin: January 29th, 2015, 1.00 pm

Location: BioQuant building, Im Neuenheimer Feld 267, Seminar room 041, Ground floor

The development of Core Facilities on Heidelberg Campus is of particular importance for all researchers to gain access to and training in state of the art and high end technologies. In 2015 the CellNetworks Core Facilities will open their doors to let you see what they can offer!

The Open Day begins at 1.00 pm in BioQuant building, SR 041. After a presentation of all participating Core Facilities and a break with snack and drinks, you have the unique chance to participate in guided tours through the Core Facilities on Heidelberg Campus! DonĀ“t miss the chance to have a look behind the microscope and find out about their top-notch technique and service!


Participating Core Facilties:

CellNetworks Math-Clinic (BioQuant), CellNetworks-ViroQuant RNAi Screening Facility (BioQuant), Deep Sequencing Facility (BioQuant), Electron Microscopy Core Facility (BioQuant), Flow Cytometry & FACS (ZMBH), Interdisciplinary Neurobehavioral Core (Medical Faculty Heidelberg), Mass Spectrometry for Proteins and Lipids (ZMBH and BZH), Metabolomics Core Facility (COS), nCounter Core Facility (University Hospital), Nikon Imaging Center (BioQuant), Protein Crystallization (BZH).


Sign in to present a poster! If you already accomplished a project with the help of one of the Core Facilities you are very welcome to present your data on a poster. The best poster will be awarded with a price. Deadline for poster application is January, 15th 2015.

Find out more about the Core Facility Open Day at!


We are looking forward to welcome you there!


Thomas Ruppert, ZMBH, t.ruppert(at)

Gernot Poschet, COS, poschet(at)

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