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28.10.11 10:05 Age: 8 yrs

SYNtheSYS competition launched


A student initiative for creativity and ideas in early scientific education

SYNtheSYS brands the amalgamation of Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology at Heidelberg University within a competition between undergraduate student teams.

Participants are encouraged to develop their own scientific projects starting with first ideas until writing up a final research grant. This includes a creative description of the subject, details about material and methods needed to realize the project idea as well as the estimation of finances and the reflection of ethical aspects. SYNtheSYS aims for finding the best and most creative project idea and the winning team will get the great chance to make their vision come true. Therefore, the grant proposals of all teams will be reviewed by a committee of students and group leaders at BioQuant who will decide on the best team which is awarded with 6000 EUR funding and a six-weeks practical in the BioQuant laboratories plus a golden SYNtheSYS trophy!

Although taking place for the first time, the SYNtheSYS competition got high attention among the students in the life sciences at Heidelberg University and seven teams with 3-5 students each have been officially registered already. The announcement of the winners is taking place during the awarding ceremony on January, 23rd 2012 at BioQuant.


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SYNtheSYS was initiated by the Master students Lorenz Adlung&  Dominik Niopek who are looking forward for any further support and feedback via


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